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ADULT BIBLE CLASS:  Sundays at 9:30-10:15a    Fellowship Hall 


On Sundays we meet in the Fellowship Hall for coffee, donuts, and Bible Study.  Sunday classes are either on a specific book of the Bible and go chapter by chapter, or at other times we take a topical approach and see what the Bible says about certain topics that are relevant to today.  Whatever level of Bible knowledge you are at, we welcome you.  Class is led by Pastor McQuality and currently we are in the book of Nehemiah studying leadership and how God's people worked together to rebuild God's dwelling place.  It is a great study on teamwork and leadership as God's people do the Savior's work.

Study Group
Children Reading the Holy Bible
Bring The Kids To
SUNDAY SCHOOL:    Sundays 9:30-10:15a   Large Classroom

Currently our smaller kids are all in one class and are taught using Christ Light curriculum.  This is a great opportunity for little ones to get personalized attention and to really learn.  Currently Nancy and Chieko are our Sunday school teachers and we recently bought an amazing new felt board bible characters set which really keeps the kids' attention and helps them retain visually what they are learning.  

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