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The Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS)

The congregations of the ELS are conservative, but evangelical.  Faithful to the Bible, yet not legalistic, "speaking the truth, in love".  We are traditional not for the sake of tradition, but because we find value in the ways of our fathers.  There is a consistency of faith and practice in every one of our Congregations and we relish this unity in our Synod.

The ELS essentially began in 1853 with the formation of the Norwegian Synod.  Today, over 120 congregations join together to do God's work here and in 7 other countries throughout the world.   Our Headquarters is in Mankato, Minnesota where we also have the most beautiful college and seminary in the midwest,   Bethany Lutheran College and Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary .  Our hymnal is the Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (ELH) and closely follows The Lutheran Hymnal (TLH 1941) as well as earlier Scandinavian hymnals.

 Our name says exactly what we are:

* EVANGELICAL  =  meaning that that we are focused on the Gospel and telling others about Jesus

* LUTHERAN  = we are not Lutherans in name only but stand on the confessions of the Reformation in both doctrine and practice.

*  SYNOD. = our congregations truly walk together in unity

We are in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and other Lutheran denominations world wide in the CELC. To learn more about the ELS, Pastor McQuality would love to share with you or you can visit our website at

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